New Custom Clean cPanel Design

  • Saturday, 8th September, 2012
  • 21:29pm

All accounts will now by default use our new custom clean hosting control panel , we will continue to support a style change back to x3 but by default all account will now use our custom clean control panel. 

Some of the features of this design are: 

You can use the built in color switcher module to alternate between blue, green, red, orange and gray color schemes.
By carefully using spacing & contrast, ParagonHost CleanPanel gives users an overall much cleaner experience.
ParagonHost CleanPanel is 100% compatible with all major third-party cPanel addons! We've tried and tested them all.
  • Inside panel enhancements such as cleaner button design have been updated
  • Login for both WebMail and cPanel have been updated / now includes color switcher. 
  • Search box is now larger and use's Web 2.0 to instantly show your result as you type / be sure to use the search box to find your service that you are looking for. 
  • Also / you can collapse all menu blocks and it will remember that setting next time you login.  

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