CLOUDFLARE UPDATE: Issues from Earlier Today (Friday, March 25)

  • 29th March 2011
Some of our customers have had DDoS attacks increase recently. This has increased the number of connections from unique IPs. We track the connecting IPs in memory (RAM) to maintain a loose session and limit the same IP from connecting excessively. The attacks filled up the RAM buffer that stores this list of IPs beyond the limits we'd previously ...
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Hundreds of Web Scripts Available at HostCheetah! More than Fantastico!

  • 7th March 2010
Softaculous is now available at HostCheetah ! See new link under Software / Services and click "Softaculous" - 133 web scripts and growing - one click web script installs, including demo, ratings, review and more! Just one of the new great features at HostCheetah / Powered by: ParagonHost!  What is Softaculous ? Softaculous is an ...
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