Server Requirements and Speed Notes



  • PHP 5.12 or newer
  • PHP extensions: gd2, curl
  • Safe mode must be OFF
  • Memory limit: 32M+
  • Sendmail


  • PHP 5.26 or newer

Optional Extensions

*** Caution , you "cannot" enable apc if you are using Zend Optimizer , many php scripts these days require zend optimizer.

APC and Zend Optimizer are mutually exclusive and cannot be used together.

  • apc (speed boost)
  • bcmath (speed boost)
  • json (speed boost)
  • mbstring (required for non-English support)
MySQL Database


  • MySQL 4.1 or newer
  • 1 available database
  • InnoDB table support


  • MySQL 5.0 or newer
Web Server


  • Apache-based shared web hosting


  • Apache-based VPS or dedicated web server
  • crontab
  • mod_rewrite (for SEO-friendly URLs)
  • memcached (speed boost)
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