(TSB) New IP Address - New Anycast Presence in Frankfurt Germany

This applies to only customers whom we provide (TSB) TheSpamBusters / Enhanced Email Protection and Spam Filtering

Also for those clients it would only pertain to client whom "limit" inbound IP connections :

As a result of our wolrd wide expansion and presence in Frankfurt Germany our IP blocks have been updated.


Is Your Server/Firewall Properly Configured?

To expand our capacity, we have been in the process of directing additional traffic to servers with IP addresses that we first publicized a year ago.

If you have configured your firewall (or your customers' firewall) to accept inbound SMTP traffic only from our networks, please be sure that you have updated your firewall to include all of our IP addresses: / / / / / / / / / /

This only affects customers who have configured their firewall or mail server to only accept inbound SMTP traffic from our networks, and no changes are necessary for ports other than for SMTP port 25.

Thank you for your attention.


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