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DirectAdmin backup – Let’s do it

Can you please help with DirectAdmin backup?

That was a recent request from one of our Server Management Services customers.

Data loss is something that can happen at any time.

In DirectAdmin, Backups option enables clients to save the data without any problem.

Today, we’ll see how our Support Engineers set up a backup in DirectAdmin and fix errors.



Backup Management in DirectAdmin

DirectAdmin is a web-based hosting control panel designed to simplify website administration works. It has three access levels as AdminResellerUser. Also, the DirectAdmin control panel is accessed by a web browser at http://{domain}:2222/.

One of the main advantages of this hosting control panel is easy backup management. This is a feature that every smart Webhosting provider looks for.

It’s quite normal for the website files or the databases to go corrupt. And it can make websites or applications unavailable. Having a proper backup alleviates the risk and the customers need not worry whenever a data loss happens. They can conveniently restore the information on the website without any downtime.


How to take backup in DirectAdmin?

Here, let’s see how our Support Engineers create Backup in DirectAdmin

1. Initially, we login to the DirectAdmin panel.

2. Then, we go to Advanced Features and select the button Create/Restore Backupsof the Account.



3. Now, we create backups for the website Data, databases, FTP, E-Mail. For that, we select the corresponding boxes and click Create Backup button to create the backup.



4. Also, at the bottom of the page, we click on Click here for a list of your current backups to see the available backups. From there, we can download backups to the computer, move backups to a different directory, or delete backups and so on.

Finally, we create a backup from the DirectAdmin control panel.


Steps to restore backup

Also, let’s see how our Supported Engineers restore the Backups.

1. We restore the backups from Select a File to Restore section.

2. So, from the backup menu, we select the file which needs to be restored and click Select Restore Options button.

3. After that, we select the items that need to restore and click the button Restore Selected Items to restore.

That’s it!

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