Uploaded site but you cannot see it

I've uploaded my site but I can't see it yet. What's wrong?á
It could be a few things:

Is your domain completely propagated? It may take up to 72 hours for this to complete. Propagation is the process of having all the world's servers recognize the changes you made to your domain. For example, when you change your nameservers to ParagonHost so your site can be seen using the ParagonHost's servers, it will take up to 72 hours for all the world's servers to recognize this change.

Did you upload your site to the correct folder? All files need to be uploaded to the public_html folder

Do you have your first page named index.htm (.html, .php, .asp, .jsp...)? Please remember that Linux servers are case sensitive, so be sure to use "index" not "Index".

It may be a precedence issue. If you are seeing our placeholder page, it is because it is named index.html and is being seen and executed before your page named index.somethingelse. Delete or rename our placeholder page.á

You can also add the DirectoryIndex command to .htaccess to change the execution order for example:

DirectoryIndex index.htm index.html index.php
For Windows plans, the order can be changed for each domain under Web Directories, Preferences.

If you are using JSP or ASP coding for your index page, you would need to have JSP or ASP support enabled for your domain before they will resolve.

If you are using the ParagonHost temporary url,áhttp://server.paragonhost.net/~username and you have a PHP, JSP, or ASP index page, then your web page will not resolve, as PHP, JSP, and ASP will not work with the temporary URL.á

We can provide you with a free subdomain, such as subdomain.lunarpages.com so you can test your homepage with PHP, JSP, and ASP enabled before you decide to change the nameservers for your domain name

You may open a support ticket atáhttp://www.MyParagonHost.comáif above does not resolve your issue.


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